Thursday, October 18, 2012

Less than a month till another 13.1...

And man are my legs sore.  For some silly reason, I thought getting in 8.6 on Monday would "catch me up" (only did 7miles total the week before - on a long run... hello maintenance runs... where are you) and all I have (thank goodness and no surprise) are sore legs some 3 days later.

Everyone has bumps in their training calendar... but I need to seriously put my feet to the pavement and smarten up over the next few weeks to avoid injuring myself.

Note to self: run for fun.  Say it again, run for fun.  Don't worry about keeping up a crazy pace, finishing in the upright position is a win. 

My girlfriend is running her 2nd half this weekend a few thousand miles north of me - Go Mel Go!  I signed up for mine (Ft. Lauderdale 13.1) because I was motivated she was gonna go for a second one.  My third 1/2 marathon will be the Disney Princess Half in Feb. 2013 - it is my "real" race.  I feel like I trained well for the Princess last year, and plan on following almost the same calendar.  I have to keep reminding myself that the one I am doing (in less than a month) is really a glorified training long run. Yeah, right.

I run because I can - 93# ago, I could not.
I run because I know those who cannot.
I run for me.
Run for fun.  Because running is fun - and quiet.  Ha!

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  1. those sore legs mean your doing something right, though!
    Good luck finishing out your training. When's the race?