Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Run baby run...

Well, its been a while. The 5K progress report: I ran (April 10), I ran again (April 17), I rested (shin splints) - then I ran again (May 30).

Here's me from the Memorial Day Classic in Weston, FL, on May 30th, "Throwing Up The "U"" as a nod to my University of Miami alma mater - GO CANES! My mom even referred to me as a runner today - which I quickly refuted... I run, but i'm no runner.

I may be working on being a runner though. My current style is that of run as far as I can (personal best is 21min 30ish seconds) then alternate walking & running until I reach my destination. And I am still planning to enter (and more importantly, finish) the Disney Princess Half Marathon - Feb 2012.

My overall goal of getting healthy is going well also. Still loving Weight Watchers - I am now 71 lbs. gone since September last year! That's pretty amazing. Just a few pounds away from the big 75. Oooh. Gotta stay strong. The running is an efficient way of burning calories & toning the bod.

Well, that's a lot of progress since I last posted in January.

As an unrelated aside, how much do I love my kids preschool & their teachers. If only I could keep them in this loving environment FOR ALL THEIR SCHOOL YEARS. Aye, I have a little tendency to be overprotective (not quite "helicopter-mom", but guilty of some trying to bubble wrap them against the ills of the world!).

My oldest 'graduated' from preschool today. (Cannot believe it!) And my middle man, he performed in his first end of year program - he was the prince from Little Mermaid. Que cutie! It was a proud parent day!

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  1. Been wondering how you've been doing, and look at you! Sounds like you are doing great!

    I know what you mean about preschool. Why can't all school be that nurturing and holistic?