Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Goal & Goal...SCORE!

In the past couple of months I hit my Weight Watchers goal... losing over 93# - and making lifetime (for those not versed in WW-speak- that is completing 6wks of paid maintenance after hitting goal)... and in between - finished with flying colors in a tutu - my first 1/2 marathon the "Disney Princess Half Marathon" amazing.

I finished in 2:28 and change...and and and - I made it up from Corral G. The Corrals were only through H...that is running past a lot of folks, on a lot of sides of roads, and running in general. I never walked - and when I look back at my old posts that recognize I was so excited to run over 20minutes - my longest training run was just 10minutes shy of three hours of running. Pretty darn good for a gal who has only been running slightly over a year.

Having made all these big life goals - losing weight & getting healthy - and then running my half-marathon (which I will be doing again next year)... there is a bit of a "now what" going on in my inner dialogue.

My personal opinion regarding the weight loss - is that keeping it off is a real challenge and skill to be worked on every day. And keeping active is going to be crucial to my continued success. However - I am up for this challenge. I have come way to far to go back. And I love my healthy, active life that only comes with being responsible and accountable for my body. SCORE!


  1. What amazing success you've had this year! Rock on:-)

    1. Thanks Gina - I just found your blog. Have now bookmarked it! Good luck to you this weekend. Run momma run.